Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Five Months, Our Baby Boy!

Where has the time gone? Only recently I had a huge belly, waddled around, and wondered what we would call our little baby. The belly is gone, I have returned to normal walking, but we are still not sure what exactly we will be calling our son when he is old enough to respond to his name. The main dilemma is between Alex and Sasha. Sasha is a typical Russian name for either girl or boy, but here, in the United States, it is mostly known as a female name. We still have time to figure it out, but now we call him Russian nicknames, either Kisya (little kitten, since he is drinking milk) or Ushenki (little ears, since he has the cutest little ears). There is one other thing that we cannot quite put our finger on, and that is whether Alex looks like me or like his Daddy. Different people say different things, especially since he is changing all the time. We found our baby pictures and decided to compare our son to us. What do you think?

Here is David (on the left) and Alex when they both were very little:

And here is me (up top) and Alex:

Finally, this is what Alex looks like now:

However, we do not fight about him looking more like one of us than the other. Alex is unique and precious, and we love him unconditionally.