Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shooting Guns In The Rain

Even if you already have a TN handgun carry license, it is not good enough if you are a TX resident. Who knew? But this is the problem that I had to face once we moved to Houston. Ever since then, my husband and I had been looking for a way to take a concealed handgun license (CHL) class together. One of our friends from church offered us an opportunity to go to a Texas Ranch Retreat and take a CHL class for free! His company is offering classes for their current and potential clients, and we, of course, agreed.

A couple of weeks ago after work, we drove out west to Brenham, TX, to a beautiful cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere. What a wonderful escape from the crowded city! There were a total of 9 people to take the class, and I was the only girl. Not too surprising. We had a delicious dinner and took the class until about 11 pm. It was quite fun, filled with stories and jokes. Apparently, in TX, you can carry a concealed gun to a church, a hospital, and even to work, unless the organization specifically prohibits you to do so. But you absolutely cannot carry to school or to a concert. Maybe that is why there are so many shootings at schools where there is not going to be any opposition to the evil-doer.

We stayed the night at the oldest house in the Washington county that dates back to 1855 or so! It was a beautiful big home decorated with wood and antique items. Oh, and a bear. He was once real. It was more like a romantic getaway that we needed so much. 

The oldest house in Washington County
Honeymoon suite
Gorgeous bathroom

The Bear
The following morning, we had coffee made on a campfire (so cool!), which was very good. My husband is not a coffee drinker, but he loved it. 

See the coffee pot on the campfire?

It was a grim morning, but it was not raining yet. We got into a golf cart and drove to a shooting range. A pretty cool one! 

Outdoor shooting range

My husband got to be in the first group of people qualifying, and I stayed behind to take pictures. As soon as they started shooting, it began to rain! I guess stopping in the middle of it wasn't an option. And even in the rain, he was the best shooter! I am so proud of him.

The second group decided not to shoot under pouring rain, and we got back to the building. A little later, it cleared out, and we went out again. By that time, the ground at the range was soaking wet, and the mud was unforgiving. Of course, I was not prepared for it (wearing flats), and David sacrificed his tennis shoes, so that I could actually walk to the shooting stations and qualify. All this time, he was barefoot, and he loved it. Other guys definitely looked jealous, but he was the only one with a wife there to justify his bare feet. We proceeded to shoot, and I did not do too bad. Everyone in our group qualified, and our shooting results were in the 90th percentile! 

Getting ready to shoot. See the shoes?
My first shot. Not exactly there, but... better than I thought.
Muddy, but happy, we returned home and went to the concert of One Republic band later on that evening. A great weekend, I must say!

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