Saturday, June 15, 2013

European Honeymoon - Greece Part 2

There were many interesting things that we got to see and experience in Greece. Below is a rather random list of them. 

- IKEA is truly everywhere! Except for Nashville :(

- Greek food is fresh and tasty! And cheap.

- Lots of little cafes around town. This one is just getting ready to open in the morning.

- Gorgeous amphitheater in Acropolis, in a great condition.

- Lots of homeless dogs around the city, including the marble steps of Acropolis.

- Light, refreshing Greek beer for only 1 euro ($1.32).

- Authentic Greek salad in Athens was very good.

- It was so good that I ordered it again at another cafe. 

- The Acropolis Museum was built over the ancient ruins that can be seen through the glass floor. It is an amazing feeling to walk over them!

- What do you think of when you hear "grilled fish?" This is grilled fish Greek style. Surprisingly, it was delicious.

- This cocktail was not that good... due to Bailey's and Grand Marnier not mixing well together. As a result - curdled cocktail. 

- However, Greece is not a wonderful fairy-tale resort. I am sure it can be, if you pay enough, but we wanted to experience the real thing. And the real thing... is full of graffiti everywhere. Even some stones near Acropolis were vandalized. Every single building in the city is covered with "paintings" as well. I had never seen anything like it! 

- Athens is the city of contrasts with new and old buildings next to each other, and both are covered in graffiti.

- The weather was amazing there, about 90 degrees in Fahrenheit (+32 in Celsius) every day; yet, Greek women love wearing boots even when it is hot. 

- Guess what it is. To me, it looks like potatoes, but it was grilled cheese. 

- The Panathenaic stadium was originally built in Athens in 330-329 BC! All the seats are made of marble.

- Greek feta cheese is creamy and delicious! I want to find something similar at home.

- Greeks love coffee. They drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Coffee and nothing else. They call it frappe - coffee, sugar, water, ice and milk. Surprisingly refreshing! And costs only $1.00. 

- Athens reminded me of Russia in many ways, such as crazy driving, lots of motorcycles, and people staying out until late during the week days. Speaking of Russians, we met a lot of them in Athens. Many come to Greece to buy... fur coats. Even though it is summer and the weather is hot, fur coats shops are almost everywhere. We were offered some of them, but, thank goodness, I had an excuse - it is too hot in Houston for fur coats at any time of year. 

This is about it for Greece. Three days in Athens were a little to much to our taste, but it also gave us an opportunity to go at our own pace and truly dive into the local culture. 


  1. I know where you can get creamy feta! There is a Mediterranean grocery near me that sells it--and cheaper than the other feta at the normal stores!

    1. Oh, great! I need to check it out. Thank you!