Monday, April 29, 2013

German USO's Warm Welcome

We left sunny Houston on Sunday afternoon and started our (third) honeymoon on the world's largest airplane - beautiful 2-story A380. I was very excited to share an experience of flying with Lufthansa with my husband, as I had loved them when I first came to the States in 2003 as an exchange student. Free movies, hot hand towels, good dinner, hot breakfast, and free alcohol - the 9-hour flight passed quickly! Now we are in Frankfurt, waiting for our next flight to Athens, Greece. Since we have about four hours between the flights, we decided to visit a local USO (United Service Organizations). It is a place for the U.S. military personnel to relax, watch TV, use free Wi-Fi, and drink coffee. Speaking of which: we got lucky and found a fancy coffee machine here. Enjoying cappuccino and chocolate espresso :) Military life does have good sides to it!

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  1. Glad you guys are there safely (well, almost there) and enjoying the travel so far!