Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Nail Polish Better Than OPI!

I have tried to like OPI nail polish. Seriously. I used several different colors, but it: 1) does not cover smoothly; 2) does not stay longer than one day. As a result, unnecessary stress and frustration. What is the obsession with it, anyway? It costs about $9 and, in my opinion, is not worth it. If it has worked for you, great! I wish it did for me, too. 

However, I found a great nail polish brand that I am crazy about. It is CND. Aren't they pretty?

From left to right: Midnight Sapphire, Asphalt, Tropic Coral, Desert Suede, Copper Shimmer Effect, Sapphire Sparkle Effect

I learned about it from my Mom's friend who is a cosmetologist back home. I could not find it here at the retail stores, but I found it on this site, for $6-$9 a piece plus free/$5 shipping: GoIndulge

My Mom, sister and I are raving fans. I am taking some for them when we go visit them this summer. I also found a steal in the clearance section: Jason Wu collection for only $9.95! By the way, Jason Wu is the one who designed both of Michelle Obama's inauguration gowns. 

Here is one of the possible combinations: Desert Suede color and Copper Shimmer effect. It is a perfect shade of nude for the office. 

I would definitely recommend switching to CND! You won't regret it.   

P.S.: To keep my nails stronger and prevent the nail polish from chipping, I wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes and other household chores. 

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