Monday, April 29, 2013

German USO's Warm Welcome

We left sunny Houston on Sunday afternoon and started our (third) honeymoon on the world's largest airplane - beautiful 2-story A380. I was very excited to share an experience of flying with Lufthansa with my husband, as I had loved them when I first came to the States in 2003 as an exchange student. Free movies, hot hand towels, good dinner, hot breakfast, and free alcohol - the 9-hour flight passed quickly! Now we are in Frankfurt, waiting for our next flight to Athens, Greece. Since we have about four hours between the flights, we decided to visit a local USO (United Service Organizations). It is a place for the U.S. military personnel to relax, watch TV, use free Wi-Fi, and drink coffee. Speaking of which: we got lucky and found a fancy coffee machine here. Enjoying cappuccino and chocolate espresso :) Military life does have good sides to it!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Europe, Here We Come!

The move has gone smoothly, as well as the long drive from Nashville to Houston. The Army packed and moved everything, which was amazing. They will keep our stuff in storage until we have found a place to live. Then, they will deliver everything to our new door step.

I am slowly adjusting to the thought that Texas will be our home from now on. But, before we settle down for good, we will visit Europe! I cannot believe that tomorrow we will be in beautiful Athens and will meet my parents in Rome in less than a week! Looking forward to the trip of our lives. When we come back, we will meet a brand new addition to our Oliphant clan from Kiki and Rob, niece or nephew #16!!! See you all in June!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Into the Unknown

A little less than a week left for us here in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee.  This decision wasn't easy, but we made it.  People are often faced with difficult choices to make, but it is just part of life.  So, we are moving to Houston.  Am I excited about the move?  Yes.  Am I scared? Absolutely!  When I seemed to have found the job of my dreams and great new friends, it all had to change yet again.  However, you get used to a lot of changes in your life when you are in the military.  I am looking forward to stability again.  I have missed it.  We are moving to be with our huge family, and it will definitely be worth it!

Still missing my sister-in-law, her husband, and their three kids

On Monday, April 22nd, the Army is coming to PACK and MOVE us.  That's right, pack.  The only thing we need to do is to take pictures of our things to prove they were there if something gets lost during the move.  I am a little uneasy about people I do not know to touch our things, but it is okay, I guess.  We have moved ourselves so many times, that this will be a little break for us.  We will be there during the process and will keep an eye on the movers.  I bet they have seen pretty crazy stuff during all the packing they have done over the years.  I wonder if they are still excited to have a sneak peek into somebody else's life.  Probably not, though. 

Don't want to lose this!

Or these...

But! We get to postpone thinking about our future for a little longer because we are going on a trip of our lives!  My parents living in Germany is truly a blessing, so we are going to see them.  Besides Germany,  Lord willing, we will be visiting a couple of other places in Europe, and I will be posting pictures and write fun stories about our adventures.  That is, if we have some fun stories.  We will start with Greece, as it was the cheapest country to fly into in Europe.  Lufthansa had deals, so Greece it was.  This trip will be a third honeymoon for us (after the Caribbean cruise and Costa Rica trip), and we are very excited about it.  Not a bad transitioning from military to civilian life, right? 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Nail Polish Better Than OPI!

I have tried to like OPI nail polish. Seriously. I used several different colors, but it: 1) does not cover smoothly; 2) does not stay longer than one day. As a result, unnecessary stress and frustration. What is the obsession with it, anyway? It costs about $9 and, in my opinion, is not worth it. If it has worked for you, great! I wish it did for me, too. 

However, I found a great nail polish brand that I am crazy about. It is CND. Aren't they pretty?

From left to right: Midnight Sapphire, Asphalt, Tropic Coral, Desert Suede, Copper Shimmer Effect, Sapphire Sparkle Effect

I learned about it from my Mom's friend who is a cosmetologist back home. I could not find it here at the retail stores, but I found it on this site, for $6-$9 a piece plus free/$5 shipping: GoIndulge

My Mom, sister and I are raving fans. I am taking some for them when we go visit them this summer. I also found a steal in the clearance section: Jason Wu collection for only $9.95! By the way, Jason Wu is the one who designed both of Michelle Obama's inauguration gowns. 

Here is one of the possible combinations: Desert Suede color and Copper Shimmer effect. It is a perfect shade of nude for the office. 

I would definitely recommend switching to CND! You won't regret it.   

P.S.: To keep my nails stronger and prevent the nail polish from chipping, I wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes and other household chores. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

No-Fail Method of Cooking Salmon

After I found the best recipe ever for fresh salmon, we cannot pass it in Kroger. I had been looking for the perfect way to cook fresh salmon for a while, but it would always be a little dry. Well, Pinterest did have an amazing recipe (here) that I would love to share with you today. It is an easy, fast, and no-fail method!

Perfect salmon every single time!

- Drizzle salmon filet with olive oil

- Sprinkle with salt and pepper (I sometimes add dill)

- Put it in a COLD oven, then turn on the heat to 400 degrees

- 25 minutes later, the salmon is absolutely perfect: tender, moist, flaky. 

For a thinner filet, around 22 minutes works, too. 

Warning: you will never want to cook and eat frozen salmon again!