Thursday, November 1, 2012

My (Not Lonely) Happy Birthday

In Russian culture, birthdays are always special, no matter how old you are.  When I first came to the States and went to high school, I was very surprised when some of my friends did not wish me a happy birthday, even though they knew about it.  I guess it is treated differently here, even though it does not make sense to me - American culture is quite individualistic.  I had never spent my birthday alone, without my husband or my family.  Not until this year.  I had to blow my candle, though, so a (pretty lonely) piece of cake from Kroger was a given. 

The day before my birthday, I almost had a breakdown from the mere thought of being by myself after work.  I cried because I thought I would feel lonely (I bet only women can cry about something like that), but my husband calmed me down and promised that I would feel special on my special day.  And I did!  He called me on my way to work, which absolutely made my day.  Then I got flowers from my wonderful husband who made me feel loved even while he is deployed.  

My co-workers were very nice, too, and wished me a happy birthday (thank God I am not in high school anymore!).  I got calls from my family and friends from all over, including, among others, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, North Carolina, New York, Kansas, Missouri, and Hawaii.  I wish my family were with me, but since they are not, it is nice to be able to say that people from all over the world were thinking of me.  And what I had been dreading so much - spending my birthday evening at home alone - did not happen!  My new Russian friend drove an hour one way just to have dinner with me.  I am surrounded by truly amazing people!

To make my birthday last one extra day, David sent me chocolate-covered strawberries to work yesterday.

The day that I was so afraid of turned out to be one of the best birthdays in my life.  I prayed, and the Lord granted me my wish - to feel loved, blessed, and cared for.  I am truly never alone.  Thank you so much, my wonderful family and friends!

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