Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Job Is To Wait And To Miss Him

What a gorgeous view! God created these beautiful mountains for people to enjoy and to live in peace among them.  But no, we are never satisfied with what we have.  We always want more.  Sometimes it leads to progress, but sometimes it leads to war. 

War is terrible.  I have never experienced it first hand like my husband or my friend from Croatia did.  They experienced different wars and to different degrees, but I consider myself blessed I have not.  Majority of the Americans have never experienced it, thanks to the boys who are fighting on the enemy's territory.  I am happy that the war is far away from us, but I am not happy that my husband is the one fighting it far away from me. 

Soviet Union was there, too, and it did not end well.  Even though I had been just born at the end of the Soviet-Afghan war, I did get to see the aftermath of it.  Wounded warriors begging for money on the streets, with broken lives, no one caring for them, not even the Government for who they had fought.  The movie "9th Company" is based on real events from that war and is available for streaming on netflix, if anyone is interested in seeing just a piece of that war. Warning: the movie is tragic and very difficult to watch without tears.  Almost every Russian is full of hatred towards this country. 

My great-great grandfathers disappeared in the battles of the World War II, and I surely did not expect that my life would be again affected by war after I moved to the United States.  Only this time, it is in a more real, personal way.  I do not have to fight directly or participate in the battles with the enemy, but I have my own battles here, back home.  Every day I have to fight tears and a feeling of pity towards myself.  A lot of my friends are taken care of by their husbands, but I come home to an empty apartment.  I sit at the dinner table alone, and I go to a cold bed alone.  I need to be strong to take care of myself and to be safe, so that my husband will not worry about me and will concentrate on his job.  I did not get married to take care of myself!  But this is my calling at the moment.  If I were not able to handle it, the Lord would not have put me through this. 

My husband's job is to protect us and to make sure we can drive to work, come home, eat our pizzas, and watch TV safely.  My job is to wait here and to miss him. He will return to where people think of him.  I know he will come back to me because I always wait for him.  That is my calling, and I pray I will be strong to fulfill it. 

How can you not love and wait for such a wonderful man?


  1. Thinking of you and David and wishing for the time to pass quickly so he will be home! Pray for you guys daily.

  2. Prayers for you and your husband, and all our service men and women. May God give you comfort and peace while he is away.