Sunday, October 7, 2012

Counting My Blessings

I really like the idea that when you cannot change a situation, you can still change your attitude towards it. Realizing that we are in control of at least something feels pretty good. It was a long week for us at work, and I didn't get to go to my hot yoga class, which made me upset. Now, just to point this out: I RARELY, if ever, get upset because I can't work out! So, this was huge for me. And then I made a conscious effort to see the bright side of it all. Here is what I came up with:

- Got awakened by a neighbor above stomping across the room to the bathroom AND heard him use it at 5:40 am?! - Yay! I still have 30 more minutes to sleep!

- Got up at 6:20 am, feeling like I didn't get enough sleep (remember, the neighbor woke me up)? - Awesome! The new day is here! And I get to wear my favorite business clothes and drink my creamy milkshake for breakfast on the way to work.

- Hit traffic on I-65? - That is fine; today I get to enjoy my beautiful new Honda a little longer.

- Worked late? - A perfect opportunity to spend more time with my co-workers, to learn from them, and to grow professionally.

- Drove home after dark? - Sweet! No traffic, cruise control, and I enjoyed the warm wind through the open window and some loud music.

- Cold at home? Like, 69 degrees cold... - I can enjoy the hot shower longer! Thanks to a fixed monthly pay without actual measurement of my water usage.

And even though my husband wasn't home to comfort, feed, and warm me up, we got to talk and to see each other on Skype. I am very, very blessed!


  1. I love how all these things are things that normally people wouldn't be thankful for--great example of giving thanks!! :)

    1. Thank you! I usually also would not be thankful for such things, but I really needed to see the positive in my days!