Friday, July 20, 2012

Learn How To Cook

Have you ever taken a cooking class? I had not until yesterday, and let me tell you: it was fun!!! Kandy Steen taught us how to make several Cajun dishes, even though I thought we would be making only one. The kitchen was filled with wonderful aromas, and we cooked amazing things, including bacon-wrapped shrimp, soft-shell crab in lemon butter caper sauce, and shrimp etouffee. Now I know what to make when we have guests for our house-warming party. We actually found a wonderful place near Nashville and will be moving there in the middle of August. So, back to the cooking class. It is better to use butter with seafood, but oil with chicken and beef. The secret to a good cake lies in the filling and frosting, not in the cake batter itself. You can make a box cake and add great filling to it to have the best cake ever.

If you ever find a cooking class, make sure you go! Wonderful time of meeting new people, making good food, and worshiping the Lord. 

Cooking with wine makes it extra fun
Just fried the soft shell crabs!
About to bathe them in the lemon, butter and capers
Learning how to make roux

Make sure to finish your feast with Nutella Chocolate cake!

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