Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Love My Huge Family!

People say that when you get married, you marry not only your husband, but also his whole family. I have heard about many families struggling when a husband's or wife's parents do not like their child's beloved. 

My husband and I have been greatly blessed with each other's families. David met my parents on our very first date when he came to pick me up, and he was lucky my Mom liked him. I say he was lucky because if my Mom did not like him, we most probably would not have ended up together. My Mom has proved that she is much wiser about life than me, and by the time I was 20, I finally got it and started listening to my Mom (better late than never!). I would have trusted her if she told me that David was not right for me.

David brought me to Houston to meet his parents around Christmas time, about 3 months after we met. I did not realize that I was being brought to his home as a future bride, but since I was the first girl ever whom he brought home, I guess that was to be expected. David's parents have a wonderful philosophy: they trust their kids (all seven of them) in their choices of life partners. I doubt they would say anything to my husband even if they did not really like me because they trusted he was wise enough to make a responsible choice. Plus, they know that the Lord will take care of their family and bring just the right partners into their kids' lives. Therefore, they welcomed me as a family member from the very beginning. 

We have been to Houston for five days, and it has been wonderful. I love my in-laws and always look forward to meeting with them and with our numerous nieces and nephews. We even got to go to the beach the other day, and the kids kept us busy. 

I cannot imagine having any problems with my in-laws or David having any trouble getting along with my parents. And I hope we will never have to experience that. Good relationships are always important, and more so within your family. Life can be hard, and having support (and knowing that you will get that support when you are going through tough times) from your family is life-saving. I hope that the Lord will bless all of you with amazing parents and in-laws, like ours!


  1. We are glad you are in my family! Also, I spy one of my kids in there. :) Wish I'd been able to hit the beach with you guys!

    1. Yes, it was fun, and we were glad to play with your kids! Can't wait for the next time.