Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Husband Is Coming Home Soon!

My husband has been gone for a month already, but he is coming back soon! I am very, very excited and not anxious at all, unlike I was when he was coming home from his deployment. Of course, he had been gone for much longer then, but that being the first experience of a long separation made me quite nervous. I had talked to some friends who were also dealing with deployments, and some of them experienced problems when their husbands returned. Therefore, I was expecting that we both would have difficult time re-adjusting to our life together. 

Before we got married, we did not live together. I was afraid that all the stories with dirty mugs and socks around the house would be true in our family, too. However, when we started living in one apartment, the process seemed very natural. I never caught myself thinking that it felt weird to have someone else walking around my home or to cook for two. But, since it worked out just fine, I never tried to dig any further. When he returned from his deployment, there was no re-adjustment whatsoever, at least, for me. My husband said it was pretty natural for him, as well. The Lord did not let his war experience affect him in any bad way, and we feel very blessed. 

Now, I am especially excited about David coming home because I will no longer have to perform his duties of a husband, until he deploys. My car broke again, after being fixed last weekend, so we need to figure out the transportation problem. We will need to find a new apartment in Nashville area and move soon, which will be quite stressful. We will celebrate our two-year anniversary, but this is an exciting one. David will have to make sure he leaves me in a good home, with a dependable car before he deploys. I know figuring it all out will be hard, all while preparing for the deployment, but I will be there to support him in any way I can. Oh Lord, thank you for making me a woman! 

If I were still single, I would have to deal with all these things by myself. Of course, thousands of women make important decisions all the time, but I am so happy that marriages exist. What a great idea it was to unite a man and a woman, to unite two minds and two sets of skills to play our roles! As we say in Russia, one had is good, but two heads are better. It is a great relief to know that my husband will come home soon and will take care of me. Getting married has been one of the greatest blessings I have ever been given. If you are married, I hope you will feel blessed as well. If you are not, go find yourself a partner! And may you not be disappointed. 

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