Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Did It Happen To Me?!

A couple of days ago my wonderful car started acting up. All the lights on the dashboard would suddenly come on, the car would not lock remotely, and it would make a loud sound when it was not supposed to. I probably should have expected problems with a 200,000+ mile-car, but I hoped that mine would serve me for a long, long time. Of course, as most of us think, bad things happen to others. Right...

As I was getting on the highway on my way from work today, all the lights came on again, and the speed started dropping, even though I kept pushing on gas. I was so scared! I had never been in a dangerous situation before where I had to act quickly. Good thing I remembered where the hazard lights button was! So, I turned it on and stopped on the shoulder of the road. 

What is a normal reaction of a normal person? Probably, to calm down, to assess the situation, and maybe call the road-side assistance. That would be ideal, except for: 1) I was scared, so I started crying immediately; 2) I felt helpless because my husband is in Louisiana and couldn't come and rescue me; 3) I cancelled my road-side assistance service a year ago when I moved to Hawaii, while David was deployed. Not good.

I called David and, thankfully, he was not busy and picked up. He tried to calm me down and called his friend to come get me. Since I was still about 45 miles away from home, I decided to give it a try and drove slowly with the hazard lights on. The friend did not have to come help me. Eventually, I made it home safely. 

It is interesting that this morning I started listening to the audiobook called Trusting God by Jerry Bridges. He uses very strong and good arguments to prove the sovereignty of God. Many Christians thank God for the good things that happen to them, but they refuse to believe that bad things happen to them and to others because God caused them or allowed them to happen. It is difficult to believe that a loving God causes or allows devastating earthquakes and famines kill thousands of people every year. It is very, very hard to believe that God allows our loved ones to become sick and die. However, the truth is, all the things, both good and bad, happen because of the Lord. He is in total control, and everything He does is for His glory.

When I was on the side of the road in my nearly dying car, alone, without my husband being home and without road assistance service available, I started praying that the Lord brings me home safely. In that moment, I understood that He is the only one I can lean on. I could have still been out there at this hour. I could have gotten into an accident if the car started dying, while I was driving at 75 mph. Instead, I was just merging into the highway and had not accelerated to a higher speed yet. Yes, I was stressed out and now have to worry about how to fix my car. I have to take my husband's car to work for the next several weeks, and his car is a manual. And it does not have cruise control (I am really spoiled with my good old car!) However, I do see how this unpleasant event is for God's glory: my husband and I turned to Him and prayed. We thanked Him when I made it home safely. Finally, I am writing about my experience and sharing His glory with you.  I definitely learned a good lesson today: that God is always in control, and that I probably should get the road assistance service again. As we say in Russia, "God protects those who protect themselves."

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