Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nobody is Perfect

Nobody is perfect. That is one of my spouse's favorite sayings. But I am a perfectionist! "Who isn't?" he usually responds. He gently but firmly insists I understand and accept this truth. Therefore, here is my first blog entry ever, everything BUT perfect. 

Before launching my blog, I wanted to think over every single word. I wanted to make my page look exceptional. I even decided to learn the CSS to modify design of my page (I am an accountant, which is pretty far from IT.) Yet, here I am, on a Thursday night, baking cookies for the work Pot Luck tomorrow and starting my blog within a standard template and no preparation whatsoever. I am learning to accept that not every single aspect of my life has to be perfect, and that is absolutely fine. I am going to live. To live with the strong conviction that my husband and I may not be ideal, but we are perfect for each other. 

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