Friday, April 20, 2012

The New Deployment

Military life is not easy. It is unpredictable. It is unstable. My military life began when I met my husband in September of 2009 and had to wait for a week until I saw him again because of his training. I did  not know what I was getting myself into! You can't really prepare for it, either, but it surely does teach you to appreciate what you have and not to take your spouse and relationship for granted. 

The first deployment was difficult, but we had grown closer to each other during those eight months. It has hardly been two months since we reunited, and here comes the shocking news: new deployment. I guess I had expected it in the back of my mind. One thing that I have learned for sure, you cannot plan too much when you are a military family. Therefore, if you are a planner like me, you will have to learn to adjust to the constant change and to modify all your plans as you go. Living a military life taught me to be humble and to really understand that we are not in control. However, the good news is that He who is in control has our best interests in mind and loves us unconditionally. This realization brings great peace and comfort to both of us. It is wonderful to know that our lives are not in the hands of people who are flawed like us.  

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